What We Have To Offer
PVR Blinds provides High-Quality Blinds at affordable prices. We have extensive colour options available on all of our blinds. Our product also comes with a 3 year warranty. At PVR Blinds we know that there is no universal fit for all blinds and that every window has to be measured to exact perfection and made to custom fit your windows. This is why we go to you to measure your windows. While we are there you can have a look at all our options and expert advice.


Aluminium Blinds 

Aluminium Blinds are the number one chosen blinds for offices and also looks great in bathrooms and kitchens. 

We have extensive colour options available. Have a look at them on our site. 

A durable product made from non-rust material and also very affordable. 



Wooden Basswood, Bamboo and Antique Blinds

The perfect finish to make your house a home. The general feel of these wooden blinds is a welcoming warmth. 

Available in an extensive range of colours and options. 

Completely waterproof and durable. 



Eco Wood Blinds 

Eco Wood Blinds are an environment conscious and affordable option. This is also our most common option for homes. 

If you are looking for the warm feeling of wooden blinds at a very affordable price, then this is one to consider. 

Waterproof and durable. 



 Roller Blinds 

Whether you would like something to block out the sun completely or something where you would still be able to see out from the inside, we have an option for you. 

Roller blinds are a modern and easy to use solution for your windows. Comes with a covered cassette for the top rail of your blind.  Works perfectly in front of doors.  




Double Roller Blinds 

Zebra Blinds are a practical and modern solution. 

These blinds can be adjusted between block out and see-through, through the pull of a cord. 

Double rollers come in cassettes for the top rail. 

Works perfectly in front of doors.


 Vertical Blinds 

Vertical blinds work great in office or at home.

Numerous colour options available and easy to control. 

Offers complete privacy.