About Us
Who We Are


We are a company that strives to treat all our clients as if they are royale. We provide a service not only to install blinds but to give the customer a feeling of satisfaction that the product provided and installed now forms part of the whole household. It is our mission to become the biggest blind installers in Gauteng and to make every home feel like a new home. We are PVR Blinds and

P – Precision and Perfection with Professional Services and Installations
V – Verified Quality Blinds at Affordable Prices
R – Reliable Staff and Responsive Service

is what we aim for. We are socially responsible with our Eco-friendly blinds and aim to make all customers a happy client.


PVR Blinds aims to become the number one choice when selecting blinds. We at PVR Blinds set weekly goals and our purpose is to satisfy not only the need for quality blinds, but affordable blinds to make privacy more accessible for all our clients. We make sure to include the environment by providing our clients with eco-friendly products. PVR Blinds uses cordless power tools to ensure electricity is not used when installing blinds, and batteries are recycled when used up.

PVR Blinds puts the client first and with professional help, clients are given the Royal Treatment and choices when it comes to blinds. To become the best, you have to be the best. This is PVR Blinds and we aim to be the best.


By competing against a large market in the blinds industry, PVR Blinds ensures that our clients are at ease and comfortable when selecting their blinds. Options and opinions are given by our friendly and professional staff to assist in the decision making of blinds. We provide solutions to problems and solve them with the quality that PVR Blinds provide.


PVR Blinds believes that having a family like an environment within the workplace ensures that TRUST is gained, LOVE is spread and SUPPORT is given. We practice this environment in training our staff to use the same Trust, Love and Support with our clients and to ensure that they feel part of the “Family” when using us.

PVR Blinds are highly professional and each member knows what is expected and delivers this to our clients. Our sales team, installers, admin and Managers are always available to assist in any query related to our services.

With this said: Welcome To Our Family. Welcome To PVR Blinds.